We had the wrong dates

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This sentence is wrong.

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A few basic rules:. Methodology is an annoying word that has oozed into a lot of places, especially government documents and annual reports, probably because it sounds important…and pretentious. One interesting note: The IRS itself, in contrast to the senator speaking about the IRS, almost always uses the word method instead of methodology.

Count on tax professionals to use a more economical word. It should be moot, not mute. But even spelled right, moot is tough to use correctly. This change in meaning is primarily North American, and it is one that has stuck, although language purists argue about it. Our advice: Choose another word.

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You see it all the time nowadays: A study has shown something worrisome! The findings are statistically ificant! The problem is, in nonstatistical use, ificant means something noteworthy or important. But actually a study can find something statistically ificant that has only a tiny effect. Big deal.

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But times are changing. The only one we can see is that utilized is longer. So why use it? In general, utilize is just a fancy way of saying use, and is usually best not utilized used at all. These nine words are only the tip of an iceberg. You have 1 free article s left this month. You are reading your last free article for this month. Subscribe for unlimited access. Managing yourself. Simple mistakes can distract from your message. October 16,Updated October 16, Topic Images Inc. on Managing yourself or related topics Business communicationBusiness writing and Presentation skills.

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We had the wrong dates

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Wrong Dates In Google Search Does Not Imply Site Quality Issues