Swingers seeking marriage

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By Jolene Marriah-Maharaj Oct 8, Thrill-seeking Durban couples are throwing caution to the wind, engaging in taboo practices to spice up their marriages. Seeking other like minded couples.

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I am 38 and wife is We are not stunners but extremely sexy. They want to see how far they can push the limit. Erotic, exotic and forbidden. McIntosh said there were many definitions of swinging. But not all have sex. There could be an aspect of voyeurism. While many people only worry about HIV, they forget about the 26 other sexually- transmitted diseases out there.

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Swingers did not have a specific profile, she said. They can also be professionals who have achieved highly and want to try something else.

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I am amazed that people still swing. But people should start safe — go to a strip club and if you are horrified you know it is not for you. She said she was currently counselling a of couples who tried swinging. Most claim to venture into this lifestyle to add excitement to their marriage, but the opposite may occur as jealousy and trust issues prevail.

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The risk of STDs is also present. Couples should rather spend their energy strengthening their existing relationships. Pearl Ramotsamai, a marriage counsellor at the Family and Marriage Society of South Africa in Durban, said swinging might be a that there was not enough excitement in the relationship.

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She said her organisation dealt mainly with issues of infidelity. They feel they are not adequate — sexy of beautiful enough — but we try and explain that the problem usually lies with the person who cheated.

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They need to address every topic and expectation. With regards to sex, people are not communicating needs, wants and expectations. People think the marriage certificate gives them the go-ahead to do anything with their partner.

Thepost News. How POST carried the story of alleged married swingers arrested for murder.

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McIntosh said many women were subservient and listened to their husbands.

Swingers seeking marriage

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