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Tokyo: Cigarette smoke hangs thick in the air of a Tokyo nightspot as Aki Nitta sips champagne with a trio of sweet-talking Lotharios peddling fake love at premium rates. In a country which has lost its mojo, many wealthy Japanese women spend eye-watering sums on male hosts in return for an evening of sweet talk, flirting — and often sex.

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There are a growing of wealthy and successful Japanese women that have become frustrated with traditional dating and instead prefer to focus their romantic energies somewhere they are guaranteed to be treated well. Many women — ranging from somethings to those in their sixties — lavish expensive gifts on their favourite hosts, buying them diamond watches, luxury cars, even apartments.

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Hosts have been compared to male geishas and Takami believes the culture, which began in the early s, empowers women. It used to be considered a bit vulgar to party with hosts. But the promise of sex is still dangled as bait in a cutthroat industry, admits Ichijo, whose plush apartment screams bling.

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But libidos rage among the coiffured gigolos at the Top Dandy club, where sex worker Megumi Suzuki is a regular. The men are like sparkly things — I could come every day and never tire of them. We have updated our Privacy and Cookie Policy. Lifestyle Sex and Relationship 21 Feb Japanese women head LifestyleSex and Relationship.

Updated Feb 21,pm IST. Latest From Lifestyle. Is it a plane?

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No, it's the first bisexual Superman. Alia Bhatt's ad sparks debate. Flaunting the innerwear on red carpets. Nitin Gadkari earns Rs 4 lakh royalty per month from YouTube. More From Sex and Relationship No sex without emotions, declare demisexuals. The new trend is Polyamorous Relationships.

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Draw your boundaries. Dating apps: your best wingman.

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No love no more. News Notification. Close Read Story.

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