Seeking a goddess to serve

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And yet, a lot of intro books sort of brush over this one — and a lot of discussions do, too. People talk about honouring or feeling really connected to a particular deity, of course, but not so much about how to get there. So, here we have a two part piece: this article about some of the things to think about in broader terms, and then an article on learning more about a particular deity. In all of those cases, worshipping leaves pieces out.

Some people get the idea that the Gods are plug-and-play switches in spells. For a love spell, just plug in Aphrodite into all the name blanks, and go along. Most relationships in our lives take time to build. In order to really have a strong relationship with someone, we need to spend time with them, get to know them, and get to know what matters to them. We also learn more as we go through ups and downs in our lives, and see how the relationship adapts to that.

This is true of deities too. Someone looking to build a romantic relationship may spend a lot of time with one of the Goddesses associated with Love Aphrodite, Astarte, Venus, etc. Some traditions and paths honour and worship and serve specific deities. Some encourage people to develop a particular relationship with one or more deities in their personal practice either as well as or instead of tradition or path-specific Gods.

Wiccan traditions, and Wiccan-derived paths generally honour both a God and Goddess in ritual. Other traditions may honour or work with different deities depending on the season or reason for ritual, or in different s. For example, I honour three pairs of deities regularly in ritual. But I also regularly worship and honour the deities my coven works with, and my tradition also honours and works with two other specific deities at particular times of year.

This kind of pattern is relatively common for people working in groups, since people often have meaningful relationships with the deities the tradition or coven honours, but also develop other relationships on their own. One thing that often confuses people is that you see people referring to the Lord and Lady, or the God and Goddess. In the British Traditional Wicca traditions, the actual names of the deities they work with are oathbound, or private. However, over time, many people also have come to honour Gods and Goddess by description — what are called epithets — not just names.

You might see:. Some people think that when you use these epithets, these descriptions, you get a specific deity each time. The child still has Seeking a goddess to serve specific Mommy, but the others are still Moms. You may find that the deities you connect with have a strong opinion. But most importantly, we may simply talk to that deity, share our day with them. We might start with a quiet Hello in the morning, or a prayer for the day.

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We might be open to their presence in our life during the day, and might see it in small ways. We might end our day with a prayer, or a divination reading, or meditation, a chance to hear what they might want to share with us. Will we have earthshaking moments every day? No more than your friendships do, or your romantic relationships do.

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You may want to read the article on learning more about a deity now. You can find s that are no longer current in the archive. I post links to my Patreon as well. Need a little research help? I offer research services for a reasonable fee. Home » Doing » Relationships with deities.

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Relationships in varying spaces: Most relationships in our lives take time to build. The question of s: Some traditions and paths honour and worship and serve specific deities. On the matter of names: One thing that often confuses people is that you see people referring to the Lord and Lady, or the God and Goddess. Spending time with a deity: We might: Invite that deity to our ritual and celebrations. Meditate and ask for that deity to help us learn about them. Work on a creative project that helps us learn about that deity.

Do something that honours that deity — an offering, a prayer, putting our time and energy into a cause particularly near their heart. Use specific ritual practices that offer more choices. If you'd like to support what I do here at Seeking and some of my other witchy research projects you can support me via Ko-Fi or Patreon. The Patreon support comes with some perks. Learn more here.

Seeking a goddess to serve

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