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We spend most of our lives looking for the right woman, yet when we find her, we hesitate. We fail to take that necessary step before we can truly call her our own. What exactly that step may be varies between couples, just as it varies between the stages in any relationship.

Hesitation is not your friend. Real men make the difficult decisions because they understand such decisions need to be made. With billions of people on this planet, finding someone whom you believe you can share your life with is surprisingly rare. Likewise, he may be more than ready to commit, with no frightening thoughts whatsoever.

He may want nothing more than to settle down and love his woman with all his heart. He may be ready to devote himself and his life to her. Most people, for whatever confused reason, believe that a woman understands how much she means to you.

Sadly, the exact opposite more often proves to be true. You need to be there for her, tell her you love her and show her how much she means to you.

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A real man understands this and, moreover, understands how important it is for his partner to know he loves her. Hesitation shows her your uncertainty. You may feel as if hesitation is unnoticeable, but in reality, it often causes incredible damage. A real man is afraid of losing the woman he loves and is not at all scared to admit it. He allows it to guide him and help him understand how important this woman truly is to him.

Real men fear -- they fear more than the rest. He wants to be the one to take her places, to have her try new foods, wines and adventures. He wants to be her first in as many experiences as possible because, just as she is a part of him, he wishes to become a part of her. He cares about making her smile, about her being happy with herself, her life, her experiences and her decisions.

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On the contrary, he wants to be the reason she has no regrets. Not any good reasons, at least. Of course, we can always come up with excuses or conjure up make-believe and highly-improbable scenarios, delusions even, in order to avoid the possibility of heartbreak. She is the right woman. If he wishes to be the right man, he must decide to be -- and that starts with taking that first step. Most often, people choose to be blind to all the good reasons to leave, to call it quits. A real man is honest with himself. By Paul Hudson. Why would he wait to tell her how much she means to him?

He wants her to understand how wonderful she is and how much she means to him. He believes she deserves the world, and he wants to give it to her. But when you find the right person, there are no good reasons to resist. Search Close.

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