Oral sex Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

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A lawyer representing the two gay men challenging the buggery and gross indecency laws in St. Vincent and the Grenadines SVG has noted that the legislation also captures certain sex acts among consenting heterosexual adults. We know that in 21 st century St. The other claimant, Javin Johnson, 22, had successfully claimed asylum in the United Kingdom, inon humanitarian grounds. Thomas said that the two men are still Vincentian citizens, noting that one does not lose citizenship by leaving the country. He said the background of the lawsuit is two-fold: both MacLeish and Johnson are Vincentians and either or both of them might want to come back to SVG.

In the case of Johnson, he gained humanitarian status in England because of his lifestyle and the resulting assault to his dignity and his freedom of expression in SVG. Thomas said he does not agree with the view that repealing the laws will open the door to other things. That is not my business. This is not a challenge to remove anything from the Constitution.

So, some people are under the misapprehension that we want to change the Constitution…. What the claimants are trying to do is …, based on their protected constitutional rights, [is to] have a particular statutory clause removed from the law books.

I thought Gross Indecency was common law…………………………………………. You are forgetting the Lesbian women who strap on great tree trunks and go at it for hours. Oral sex is their speciality also. I suppose that is ok as long as you can watch? The headline is extremely worryin but who came blame the media houseswhen the law is misquoted and misspoken.

Mr Thomas please be guided with the propaganda and hysteria that you are seeking to spread and create by your ill conceived statements. Because he is referring to a case law where a heterosexual was charged with the said offense in the UK. Same law just a different section. Jomo is dead wrong with his utterances. He needs to be more responsible. How can it be assumed from that section that spouses legally recognized in SVG as a man Oral sex Saint Vincent And The Grenadines woman will be guilty under this section?

Jomo Thomas these sexual immoral act. Laws were all part of Jehovah God laws set my our forefathers and are not wrong we are a Christian nation island what you need to understand is why these homosexual act immoral sexual sins and oral sex were forbidden is because these sexual immoral act is part of the worship to Baal in the part of the religious ritual that came from SATAN Christian or the Christian body are not to take part in these they are not of Jehovah God but the devil SATAN.

Mr which side you on and how there you fight against God laws. This all in the silence of the equally ungodly ruling Stalinist ULP some of whose members pretend to be Christians.

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But it is a known fact that these Marxist, or so-called socialist and communist have no liking at all for Christianity, although they do pretend to be Christians at time, this they do when it proves to be advantageous for them so to do. Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, 50, is now living with the husband he is currently divorcing as well as their five children and his new boyfriend, year-old Scott Hutchison. What is good for the Brits is sure good for us to never mind God! Most certainly in Bolivia, for ousted socialist President Evo Morales, religion for him was indeed opiate of the masses, as all Bibles were removed from the Presidential palace.

Jomo cam I ask you am honest question? Have you ever had gay sex? You can be truthful for once. If you do I will applaud your honesty? It seems as though you have an interest in turning vincy into a gay state. That is a bullerman state.

Please provide me with a response. I am just saying…What if I am an atheist, do I have to follow these rules? Knowledge is power. Can someone direcr me to the section that states oral sex is illegal. Didnt see it here in this article. My is [ protected]. Over the past years I have been living in my beautiful island of ours.

You all need to read all yo Bible find out what God did to Sadam and Go…. Shame on you Zita for a country girl who was raised from a humble family. Am sure you had choice of not epresenting these two fools! Guess a majjority these people protesting and marching would not live in places like the UK,USA or Canada because those countries are sinful and they have legalised buggering. The preachers who are marching should not want to have anything to do with the UK, the US and Canada right?. Where would hypocrisy come in the picture? Think before you talk fellow. Why is there no one in SVG that is not on the extreme sides of this issue?

There is a minority that wants to promote gays kissing and petting all over the country and on the other side the vast majority want to burn gays at the stake. Child molesters are a threat and have to be taken out of our society to protect our children. We should not promote Oral sex Saint Vincent And The Grenadines type of sex onto our children at younger ages. I disagree with the Democrats in the USA, particularly Obama, that go about trying to encourage people to be gay but it is also shameful in backward countries to treat them as criminals and humiliate them with beatings and killing them in the streets.

Those gays that we have had in the recent past in SVG that walk the streets of Kingstown openly propositioning men should have penalties under the law. The fact that they actually humiliate themselves in public is not enough.

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They seem to have an agenda and this court case may be it. Is it some sort of a trap? Duke: should we fear the un and other developing countries or fear God? Should we go to hell with them because they invite us to go, or make our own mind up?

Righteousness exalt a nation but sin is a reproach to any people my brother. Im out! Therefore, it is up to the Government to be dutifully Godly for all our sake! If you and others wish to question God about his Moral Universe, please go right ahead, he is sure big enough to defend himself and does not need anyone to defend him or his morality.

You people who keep spouting Christianity should practice what you preach, murdering, raping, sex with animals, church leaders having sex with their flock, even with the children. Stealing, shop lifting, stealing farmers animals and produce, farting in church, chopping with cutlass, dirty phone calls, pornography. Its endless and you are all worried about what two people do in the privacy of their own home, if its wrong let God punish them. They may even attend Church and regurgitate religious text.

This they do when it proves to be most advantageous for them so to do. Religion as such conflicts with their core belief system. Take a recent statement by the Chinese Communist.

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What are we to make of such? God help us when such men get themselves entrenched like these Chinese Communist of today and like the Soviets before them. Who taught you statutory interpretation??? Talk about going out on an imaginary limb smh…. Be more responsible in your interpretation because some people may still listen to you!!!!

How you know that from a head and shoulders picture.

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Yes or go to an atheist country. When you find it tell me too… Especially oral sex between a husband and a wife. I may be missing a few s in the law books. I hope we are not so arrogant and stupid as I fear. Many Vincentian men bugger their women, is that OK. post. Next post.

Oral sex Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

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