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Year 7 girls are particularly susceptible to increased social pressure as they enter high school, as well as broader cultural pressures as they move into adulthood. Many girls face additional challenges based on disadvantage, childhood trauma or other circumstance.

Providing support to young women at this stage of development has the potential to increase their resilience, emotional intelligence and stress management skills, creating a strong foundation for personal growth. The program is deed as a series of three half-day workshops delivered over the calendar year, with the of students per session limited to 36 multiple sessions available.

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Building on the awareness from the session we will explore protective behaviours from an adolescent perspective:. to register your interest in the No Limits For Girls program.

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Register Your Interest. Become a Corporate Sponsor. What is true about girls and what do people say about girls — exploring gender stereotypes. Provides an opportunity for the girls to share their ideas of things that could cause them stress or anxiety. Explores and practices a range of strategies to manage stress and fear responses in and out of the classroom.

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Girls Have No Limits