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NOTE: A listing on this site should not be considered a recommendation of an agency. Visit Manuscript Wish List to see what agents are looking for right now. Dominick Abel Literary Agency W. If you wish to submit fiction, describe what you have written and what market you are targeting you may find it useful to compare your work to that of an established author.

Include a synopsis of the novel and the first two or three chapters.

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Query by at agency dalainc. Everything should be in the body of the. Ahearn This agency handles general adult fiction, specializing in women's fiction and suspense. They do not deal with any nonfiction, poetry, juvenile material or science fiction. Send a one- query letter describing the type of book and word count with an SASE.

List publications, awards, etc. Accepts short electronic queries with no attachments. Taking on new clients only through referral. Does not accept queries. Box Chatham, NY fax : steve axelrodagency. He does not Need a sexy literary assistant picture books, screenplays, or high fantasy.

Send a query letter via letter or. Expect response in months. Currently looking for new or established authors in all genres. Loretta Barrett Books, Inc. LLoretta Barrett Books, Inc. Use the contact form on her website to send a one- query. She handles commercial fiction, young adult fiction and all genres of romance. Please submit via the form on the website.

If you have a problem submitting a query or have a query question, please e-mail at query blueridgeagency. Strong characters, especially women and underrepresented voices, and high-concept projects that beg to be read in a single sitting catch her attention best. They only accept queries. Send your query and 10 s of your manuscript in the. No attachments. Include the word "Query" in your subject along with the name of the agent you're querying. Please only query when your project is complete. Send to submissions bookcaseagency. BookEnds L. All agents are actively seeking ownvoices and diverse books across all genres.

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BookEnds does not represent short fiction, poetry, screenplays, or techno-thrillers. They ask that all submissions be made electronically through Need a sexy literary assistant Query Manager database where you will have the opportunity to query the agent you think would best represent your work.

Jessica Faust is actively seeking fresh new voices and stories in literary and upmarket fiction, women's fiction, mystery, thrillers, suspense and domestic suspense. She strives to bring more diverse and ownvoices to all genres. Her fiction tastes tend toward the dark and she always loves a Midwestern perspective. Kim Lionetti is actively looking for romantic comedy in both adult and young adult markets. Jessica Alvarez wants romance of all heat levels including inspirational and category romancerom coms, upmarket fiction, women's fiction, and cozy mysteries.

She's open to light and funny re, as well as darker ones. Her favorite genres include contemporary, fantasy, historical, horror, magical realism, re-tellings, romance, science fiction and anything LGBTQIA-centric. She's particularly keen to find books with pain-in-the-ass heroines, dark and creepy settings with lyrical voices, and books with well-thought out twists and turns.

SciFi should be easily accessible and horror should not make her need to keep the lights on! She's also seeking picture book illustrators and author-illustrators. She is not a good fit for YA horror, true crime, hard sci-fi or high fantasy. At this time, she is not looking for board books, early chapter books or non-fiction for the educational market. Natascha Morris is looking for picture book, middle grade, and young adult manuscripts across most genres. Stories about first generation immigrants are especially welcome, since she is a first generation. Rachel Brooks represents adult and young adult fiction.

In both she's looking for more authors from marginalized communities. For women's fiction she is looking for commercial or upmarket stories with a strong hook.

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She represents a variety of young adult genres, but is particularly looking for YA contemporary full of humor and heart. Rachel is currently closed to queries.

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Naomi Davis is currently looking for dynamic, character-driven adult titles in fantasy, science fiction, and romance. In science fiction, Naomi seeks stories that let the character development take priority over tech. In fantasy, Naomi seeks new fantasy settings with unique magical structures that surprise the reader and change the rules readers associate with those worlds. She is not currently seeking urban fantasy, dystopian, or Tolkien-inspired worlds. In romance, she is particularly looking for diverse historical projects that explore time periods often overlooked, such as s America, or that show us well-known periods from a different viewpoint eg South Asians in London during the Regency period.

In YA fiction, Emily Forney wants warm romances that capture the magic of teenage summer nights, road trips, and summer camps, Paranormal and fantasy stories with solid world building and romantic twists. In adult fiction she likes Fantasy stories that flip traditional tropes. As for adult works, she's looking for witty contemporary, and slow burning friends to lovers romances. She's always on the hunt for rich Need a sexy literary assistant and unique plots.

She is a big sucker for happy endings. She also has a passion for books set in the south. Bring on those big ole' cowboys, ladies. Brittany is closed to queries at the moment. She's also looking for smart, sexy contemporary and historical romance Jordy definitely has a soft spot for a fantastic Regency.

Jordy is NOT accepting picture books, non-fiction or screenplays at this time. Jen Hunt is actively seeking: Historicals: Historical romance, historical time travels, historical fantasy, historical inspirational, historical paranormal, historical mysteries.

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Currently closed to submissions. They accept electronic queries only. Send your queries to: query thebookeralbertagency. Genre and word count. Your name and contact information. Julie Barer represents a variety of writers across a literary spectrum, with a special emphasis on fiction. Faye Bender represents fiction for readers aged eight to adult.

She likes authors with a strong narrative voice and unique perspective. Brettne Bloom handles writers of literary and commercial fiction, history, biography, memoir, psychology, and a handful of young adult titles. Dana Murphy represents a wide range of adult fiction, nonfiction, and YA. Across genre, she is drawn to writing that is immersive and surprising, with a voice so absorbing it makes her cancel plans and read through meals.

Send a query letter and ten sample s to submissions thebookgroup. Please include the first and last name of the agent you are querying in the subject line. All material must be in the body of theas they do not open attachments. Teen and young adult fiction and nonfiction. Middle grade fiction and nonfiction. Although Cynthia is open to novelists, she currently is focusing the majority of her acquisitions attention on nonfiction projects. Barb Roose accepts adult fiction and non-fiction.

Limit your query to one. They do not accept e-mail queries with attachments, or unsolicited phone or postal mail queries. To submit your query, send to: representation booksandsuch. No poetry, screenplays, short stories, westerns, religion. Submit to her at queries bradfordlit.

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She also represents illustrators and select adult nonfiction. Natalie is currently closed to queries. They accept queries only.

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Please be sure to include the genre and word count in your cover letter. Picture book submissions: short query along with entire manuscript in body of. Submit to only one agent at a time. However, she is always looking for books that she wants to stay up all night reading, unable to put them down, regardless of what genre an author classifies it as.

She also can never say no to an epic love story. Kimberly is currently closed to queries. Jess Dallow is looking for small town romance, rom-coms, domestic suspense, and book club fiction. She would love to see diverse characters and ownvoices within these genres. She is looking for original voices and compelling, complex female characters.

Need a sexy literary assistant

email: [email protected] - phone:(316) 845-6337 x 1726

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