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You've finished reading the Fifty Shades series, you've watched all the movies, so what's next? Answer: so many options. There's a whole world of erotic novels waiting to be read — and these picks are so steamy, even Ana and Christian would blush. Look, let's be honest: Most of us aren't reading romance novels for the plot. But this book is just as enthralling as it is full of hot sex.

The story is not-so shockingly about a couple who go on a blind wedding date after a chance meeting, and — surprise, surprise — they end up making out, making love, and falling head over heels. First of all, the cover is amazing. Second of all, it's about sexy vampires who lust after way more than blood hint: each other. Outlander isn't just the sexiest show on television — it's also one of the hottest book franchises ever.

The story follows a nurse named Claire who travels back in time and falls for a hunky Scottish highlander. Naturally, they end up falling in love awkward since Claire is married in the future and having a ton of hot, angst-ridden sex. Little Cat is comprised of two short stories — so double the pleasure, double the fun! The first story, Lie With Me, is about the sexcapades of a woman who picks up random guys from bars, and the second, The Way of the Whoreis about a girl who starts working in the sex industry. Both stories put female sexuality and pleasure front-and-center. Shout-out to all the ladies who had a crush Naughty looking hot sex Reading one of their professors back in college!

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Come and follow the life of Professor Gabriel Emerson the name alone makes me swoona teacher by day and a sexual pleasure connoisseur by night. It's forbidden love so tempting, it's downright sinful. Buckle up. This five-book journey with Alex "Charli" Collins and Lennox "Nox" Demetri is filled with twists and turns and shadowy villains. Was it sex that brought these two together or something more sinister?

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You'll blow through this sexy suspense saga feeling hot, bothered, and begging for more. Sylvia Day gives you five books to follow the emotional and erotic life of Gideon and Eva. You won't be disappointed in the fascinating characters and stimulating love scenes that leap off the and practically call for your vibrator. Here's What Happened. Craving another controlling, pushy male character? Kelly Robak is your man. He's got needs, and he gets what he wants in the boudoir.

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Buckle up for some genuine dirty talk, as the strong and tenacious orderly protects Nurse Erin Coffey at Larkhaven Psychiatric Hospital. He may be an asshole, Naughty looking hot sex Reading is he the asshole Erin or you never knew she or you craved?

This is a story about two girls dealing with love and desire while away at boarding school. When it was published in France back in the s, much of the text was censored due to descriptions of homosexual sex. Now you can fully enjoy their story in its original form. There is plenty of sex, but Leduc did a superb job of depicting bona fide love: the good and the bad.

Escape the glitz and glam of expensive city life to the Rocky Mountains with the Thompson family. There are five sons, so you guessed it, you've got five books filled with small-town, blue-collared hunks and dramatic plot lines waiting for you. Who said you could only enjoy football players in tight uniforms during football season? In this book, Delilah meets Brody in the men's locker room for her first interview as a sportscaster. She doesn't date players, but she would date an athlete.

I'll just say, Delilah, if you play in the mud, you're gonna get dirty. Each book stands alone with new main characters and new sexual angst. It's perfect for the reader who wants to vary up characters and plot lines but still wants the same old-fashioned sexy time. Damn, who knew hockey players could be so sensual? Even the strongest relationships can be torn apart by temptation and rock stars.

Well, at least in erotica books. Love triangles, drama, and a local rock star!? The world of Kiera, Kellan, and Denny is a roller coaster ride that I'm sure you are going to partake in multiple times.

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The series starts with Wallbanger — the classic tale of the girl who's got it all, except a sex life. Fortunately, her hunky neighbor might be able to fill that void. By the third book, Clayton gives her fans new characters and sexual escapades to keep your loins yearning for a new orgasm via the written word.

If you are looking for a love story, this is not your book. This book is dark — some may even say taboo. It's a collection of stories dealing with the relationships women have with their bodies and sexuality. We are brought into worlds filled with alcohol abuse, graphic sex, anorexia, and menstruation. Type keyword s to search. Deed by Megan Tatem. et Eclipse.

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15 Erotic Novels to Read When You're Done With 'Fifty Shades'