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I was working in Hongkong in a senior position with a shipping company. I use to interact with my staffs in head office in mumbai a lot for official purpose. It all started on one of those days when i was late night in office in hongkong i saw one my staffs online in Mumbai office which was unusual. It was midnight there so in Mumbai it was 10 pm. I was just curious…and i started to chat with that colleague.

Our conversation started normally asking what she was doing and I was doing and all official stuffs. Then all of a sudden I asked her age and she told me she was 24 years.

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The rest of the chatting went on as below……. VIDYA : Nothing much sir…I just got over with my ex-boyfriend…sometimes really depressing…when u feel that you have not got the perfect match…and u start to feel when will it happen…. ME : I know…trust me I know how it feels exactly…. VIDYA : really sir??

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How come…??? I mean u r living in Hongkong having an excellent job what more u need especially when u can have what ever u want…. ME : Well I have my wife in india…that makes it worse…family not there…. ME : Well I am not a saint…. ME : well to be honest it wont make a big difference…as i have a huge appetite…and she is not sufficient to quench my thirst…lets see……someday I might get a good fren…with whom I can have fun…. In the night a few times I use to call her up and she use to feel really special that I cared for her….

There was something magical about her way of talking which pulled me towards her. She was smart, witty and very straightforward about it. After 4 months my boss called me for a highly confidential top management meeting which none of the people in the company knew about it. They wanted to discuss the funding issues for the company for the next financial year. The meeting was there for two days in only but I told my boss to book the hotel for 5 days. He said no issues. I told him I have to meet some customers in India…so he was happy My hot work sex chat it.

After that I had planned for 3 days in Chennai with my family and then go back to hongkong. Boss had told that meeting will be in the hotel room itself so he came to meet me…. She said it is difficult in a short notice like this…but she will try…and then after that she immediately applied for leave from office for three days and also told at home that she is going for office tour for three days……After the second days meeting….

Then she disconnect the line and called me on the landline of the hotel immediately. I told her…I am really so eager and nervous to meet her and she said she too was feeling the same. I told her I wish if you were in my arms now…I would have squeezed you eaten you raw…. She stood right in front of me…. She told me she wanted to give me a surprise and also that she was equally eager to meet me, so thought why to waste time….

She yelled ….

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You motherfucker!!!!!!! What have you done!!!!!!! The whole room was filled with our groans and moans…and the lovely fucking sound our bodies were producing…. We both went to the washroom for a quick shower and had a good wash…came out and ordered some food…and then after that started all over again….

ME : oh so young and working late nights!! Is it safe out there?? What did you think of this story?? If IndianSexStories2. If you're on ISSstories.

My hot work sex chat

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