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Added: Mylinh Shankle - Date: Yawn—slow start today! Somehow managed to stay up to an ungodly hour, and ended up rolling out of bed at like noon. Unfortunately, loading up on my grandmother's cooking last night has me feeling like The weekend has passed us by once again, and Item Discussion 32 is here to herald a new week. Today, we're talking about an item that sorta snuck up on me.

I can't claim to love Blue Baby in the year of our lordso, after whiffing it on my first Beast attempt, didn't feel particularly motivated to get back up on that horse. But dang it, after picking up this item for the first time, I wish I had. Unlock : Defeat The Beast as??? Metadata : Quality 3, ID Leave your opinions, experiences, and suggestions for the item or the Discussion series as a whole down below! Picking this item up with Tainted Judas creates one of the funniest synergies in the game.

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The Diarrhea Dark Arts are a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural…. I was gonna bring this up. Just got it yesterday, this item is a won run with Dark Arts. As a genuine look at the item, it serves as a decent close-range damage option, but I personally find it slightly finicky to use in the same way I find No. Maybe it serves a purpose that I just can't see, but overall I'd say it's a decent item, I don't complain at all if it appears in one of my treasure rooms! I feel like close-range nature of the item makes the corn was a great addition—it makes it a little bit more viable to use at long range, while also not just being guaranteed damage due to the spread.

Kilburn said that the beam was made short range because people were using it in place of tears too much, so they added the corn and buffed the damage. I wanted to like this item more but it's way too awkward trying to hit anything with the shit brimstone. It's not bad when I can hit stuff with it, though. I know Ed is a big fan of his poop themed content, but, like, Tainted Blue Baby being a literal shit-eater is more of an eye-roll inducer than something that gets a chuckle out of me.

I'll never say no to more items that transform your play style, and this is a shining example. It's a little on the strong Montezuma IN wife swapping for sure, but much like Death's List, the moment I pick it Montezuma IN wife swapping I'm throwing myself in harm's way just to maybe get a few more hits in. Sneaking Montezuma IN wife swapping into enemy lines then moonwalking outta there and letting 'er rip, charging up to shred a boss with the laser, spinning around to try and catch baddies with stray corn I love it!

I was late to the party, but I'm freaking here now. Montezuma's Revenge is one of my favorite Repentance items, for sure. Tainted Blue Baby being a literal shit-eater is more of an eye-roll inducer than something that gets a chuckle out of me. I appreciate the game doesn't shy away from filth, but so many poop items and even ground poops just feel very "haha poopy butt XD" energy.

On the other hand, who turns coprophagic from constant abuse is very wrong and horrifying, which is why I think it fits the game so well. Also, and I'm assuming here, since??? I unlocked it by accident after dying on a sac-maggy run agaisnt the beast while holding an ankh. I take way more damage than I should, trying to get this to work. It's amazing if you can get rid of your instinct to run the wrong direction all the time.

It has lo of synergies that aren't listed on the wiki, so keep an eye out for that. My first time had Jacob's ladder and it was amazing. Powerful but a bit annoying to use.

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I'm only really excited to see it when I'm Tainted Judas so I can do some shadow jiu shitsu. While it has it's utility and some nice power, it's definitely the worst objectively speaking than the other two. I find it hilarious though, but to be fair I only started laughing at the shit and fart jokes because of Isaac. This game has reprogrammed my brain in many ways I never thought would be possible.

Edit: spelling cuz apparently I was drunk or something while texting idfk. They really just had to make the fart sound as wet and disgusting as Montezuma IN wife swapping huh. This item is alright, the limited range of the beam and the requirement to move backwards to actually hit enemies in front of you makes it tricky to deal damage with without putting yourself in harms way, but at least the damage is solid to Montezuma IN wife swapping up for it.

Really whether or not I get use out of Montezuma's Revenge depends on how willing I am to throw myself into enemies which to be fair is most of the time. It kinda just tacks on a new move to your build that synergises with barely anything, so it's rarely an item I get super excited over, because having lots of synergies is usually what makes a good item in my book. Regardless, it's strong if you can afford to use it to its fullest. Also, I was wondering why a form of diarrhea has such a dramatic name, so I looked it up. Turns out, it refers to a form of traveler's diarrhea contracted in Mexico, and is named after Monctezuma II, the ruler of the Aztec civilization in Mexico, before he was overthrown by the Spanish, bringing portions of the country under Spanish rule.

Not sure what that has to do with uncontrollable shitting, but hey, at least his legacy is being very tastefully respected. If it's a chaser or is stationary you should be able to land the hit fairly easily. If it has anything else going on you might as well just use your normal tears.

It synergizes with your tear effects of course so it's by no means bad just not amazing on its own. It's a fun item! Unfortunately as Montezuma IN wife swapping as charged items go it's no Maw of the Void or Revelation so your incentive to charge it isn't as good as it could be, but it is undeniably good additional damage, just only really useful at close range and it's finicky with Montezuma IN wife swapping movement. Random synergy shoutout I didn't realize I wanted for this item: Multidimensional Baby.

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For whatever reason, the extra beams and corn is so much fun to line up! I'm usually the guy suggesting changes though, so stupid idea for Montezuma's Revenge: Adding various synergies depending on what you've "eaten" pr other poop themed items, eg:.

Lemon Mishap, Free Lemonade and One all cause Montezuma's Revenge to fire off a yellow beam in the, uh, opposite direction, with yellow "tears" instead of corn. Two causes you to use your poop bomb upon releasing Montezuma's Revenge instead of on the 3-second firing timer. Hallowed Ground changes the beam's colour to white and grants it homing properties.

Using The Poop blasts out a wide Montezuma's Revenge beam immediately like double brimstone. All of this is pretty ambitious and very specific of course, but I think an item striving to be comparable to Brimstone needs a bunch of unique synergies to inherit Brimstone's spirit, ya know? Found the internet! Item Discussion Montezuma's Revenge. Daily Discussion. Item Discussions Follow. Item Discussion 1: Red Key. Item Discussion 2: Book of Virtues. Item Discussion 3: Ocular Rift. Item Discussion 4: Almond Milk. Item Discussion 5: Eye of the Occult. Item Discussion 6: Wavy Cap.

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Montezuma IN wife swapping

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Montezuma IN wife swapping