Married but need a woman

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Swipe Right is our advice column that tackles the tricky world of online dating.

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This week: how to pursue a new relationship without losing your current one. I simply have no idea how to find other women with my dilemma. I have known all my life that I am more attracted to women than men.

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However, I have been married for 35 years to a good man who has accepted that sex has not been on the agenda for a long time. He knows and understands how I feel. However, I would also really like to meet a like-minded woman in my city, with a view to developing a loving friendship. How on earth do I go about finding her? There is no question, however, that you developing a new intimate relationship will change the dynamics of your marriage. Perhaps it might be in your interest to work on making some active changes now, before that happens.

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For example: if your husband knows and understands how you feel, would it be possible for you to transition your marriage officially to a loving friendship, in which you remain very active in offering him moral support, but clearing the way you to form a new romantic partnership with a woman? This will make it much easier for you to meet women, and also perhaps give your husband the feeling of more freedom to meet someone else himself.

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The truth is that you may not be inundated with responses if you do — I am sure that you understand that women who are looking for an exclusive, committed relationship may be less inclined to get involved with someone who is, at least on paper, spoken for.

And you might well find it more frustrating if you meet women who you like only to have them reject you once they learn about the situation. But while you can set up profiles on platforms like Match. Getting to know potential partners in a non-date scenario may make it easier to move a relationship forward than an online date, in which people often feel inclined to make snap judgments, and may not understand that despite the relative complexity of your situation, you are ready to love and be loved. Swipe right: online dating for the real world Marriage.

I'm married to a man but attracted to women.

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What should I do? This week: how to pursue a new relationship without losing your current one Got your own online dating quandaries?

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Thu 24 Dec I hope you can point me in the right direction. Hey, you. Love, Eva. Topics Marriage Swipe right: online dating for the real world Relationships Online dating Sexuality features.

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Married but need a woman

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