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Want to Read. Buy on Amazon. Rate this book. Jericho Brotherhood 1 Enough Jade Chandler. She wanted nothing to do with me. My MC brothers call me Dare for a reason. I never back down from a challenge. And Lila was the sweetest challenge I ever faced. From the moment she walked into my tattoo shop, she was going to end up in my bed. Tied up, moaning my name and begging for more. But I could promise her a good time. Problem is, my girl is hot, so the same men I call brothers tried to claim her. But to get her back, to prove she's more to me then a quick lay, I'll have to tell her the secret I've been hiding from everyone.

Romance Erotica Contemporary Adult More Details. Jade Chandler 8 books followers. From my youngest days, I have attempted to be an author writing stories about cartoon characters, which turned into stories of teens as I became a teen myself, and then romances. A true-believer in happily ever after, romance has always held the one place on my book shelf, and now my tablet.

I enjoy escaping to new worlds and meeting all kinds of people who live in the imagination of others. Now that I have brought my imaginary world to life, I find I cannot write fast enough to bring those ideas to you. For me, erotic romance offers a gritty, close intimacy that let's readers explore dark emotions and taboo desires, although today, I love that more and more diverse definitions of happily ever after are accepted in our world.

It is the dark intimacy that draws me to read and now write erotic romance, If you would like to know more about my upcoming book releases or anything else Jade-related, visit me on my website www. Search review text.

Displaying 1 - 30 of reviews. I didn't really know what to expect going into the book, but I was excited to find out more about Dare, the rough biker, and Lila his sweet challenge. I mean, when a blurb has the words, "Tied up, moaning my name and begging for more" there's no way I can pass that up so I just had to read this.

Lila, the aforementioned sweet challenge, is going through the motions of life, but not really living. One bad boyfriend after another has kept her on the move, constantly escaping whatever bad situation she got herself into. Her current move brings her to Dare's tattoo shop as the front desk manager. She determined that this move will be the end to her bad decisions, which means there's no falling for the boss.

No matter how pushy he is when he sets his sights on her. I really enjoyed these characters, they had a fierce kind of chemistry between them and it made the story very intriguing. I'm a sucker for a well written tough heroine, and that's just what Lila was. Sure she had her weaknesses, her taste in men, but she never just gave up on life and I liked that about her.

No matter what happened in her life it never beat her, and that right there is true strength. Dare was your typical badass biker, with a flare - his penchant for ropes. I loved the intensity that he just seemed Ladies want hot sex Jericho radiate no matter what he was doing. And he may have been this big bad tattoo artist biker, but when he showed his emotions, lawd my ovaries melted right then and there. Now lets talk about the heat. I don't care if you don't like tattoo Ladies want hot sex Jericho books, or biker books, or just looked at this and said "nah," read this book!

Even for just the sexiness alone, and you will not be disappointed. Dare and Lila together were amazing and and when the ropes got pulled out, hello orgasm! Overall, Enough is a book that I highly recommend for everyone. There was a good amount of the MC featured in this book, but it didn't take a over the story of Dare and Lila so I think it's worth the read even for those that aren't fans of MC re.

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ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. XxTainaxX Curvy and Nerdy. Totally enjoyed this sexy ride with Dare and Lila. Lila starts to work at a tattoo shop where Ladies want hot sex Jericho is manager. There is definitely a spark but she is hesitant to let it ignite because of a difficult past being in relationships with men she works with. Of course resistance to Dare is futile and they begin a no strings deal with rules to keep them in line.

Rules were made to be broken and before they know it, Lila starts becoming a part of his MC life. That world is in a class of its own and what starts off great is soured by a really bad experience with one of the members. The experience that serves as a reality check for Lila. I was really saddened by how Lila reacted but it felt genuine for someone of her background. I'm not all that sure Dare knew what he wanted based on his actions sometimes but I'm glad he ended up getting his shit together. The book was really good but I would definitely have liked it more if it slowed down the love scenes a bit.

The build up was great but it was over way too fast and I was left wanting more. To savor it. The book deals with several difficult topics in a tasteful manner. The plot was good but the pacing a little off. Not so much so that it ruins it, but noticeable.

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It's labeled a dark romance but it's not too deep in the dark imo. Safety: In their time apart and as they try to move on from each other, H tries to do something with OW but can't and h ends up kissing OM. No rape. Yes to abuse. Definite pushing away. ARC received in exchange for an honest review. Release Date: July 11th by Carina Press. I really liked this read and YES, I will definitely be reading more of her books in the future.

This story revolves around an MC motorcycle club with tons of sexy alpha men. I thought it was well done and it tugged on my heartstrings for the both of them. Dare never spends much time with the women he has taken to his bed, he never wanted a full relationship and he definitely has his reasons why. When he walked into The Marked Man which is a tattoo parlor that he ran and worked at and saw the new book keeper, he was immediately attracted to her. He knew he would have her in his bed so he went about trying to do just that.

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For an erotic romance this one does have a story line. Also be prepared for LOTS of sexual content. Once these two got it on, they were insatiable and they had almost nonstop sex. Just remember, this IS an erotic romance and you should be expecting this. We learned a lot of the day to day life about being a biker in a club. We are introduced to many of the men and the woman of this MC club. They all added their own flare, some good and some bad but nevertheless really good secondary characters that added a lot to the overall story.

This one was a bit different. The violence was not too high, basically just men beating men up. No guns, no knives, no motorcycle chase scenes. These men just basically did their jobs, had sex and drank alcohol like fish. Then there was the drama. Things between Dare and Red were not simple. It took a bit of time for them to open up and truly trust each other with their dark pasts, especially Dare.

The fiery attraction, all-consuming lust and eventual heartbreak— always my love story. Lila Bartham is used to men treating her like crap. She packs up, gets the hell out of dodge and starts over somewhere new. When hot bikers in the form of the Jericho Brotherhood offer her a job in their tattoo parlor, Lila jumps at the chance and makes the move to small town Oklahoma. Who knows? If she guards her heart and stays away from the men she works with, maybe things will be different this time, right? After a crappy start to life, Dare just Dare has finally found a home with the Jericho Brotherhood.

His brothers may have his back, but the women that come into his life are temporary and only there for one thing. From the moment Lila Ladies want hot sex Jericho his tattoo parlor, Dare knows he has to have her. The bones of this story are great and the potential is there for a truly awesome MC story. I enjoyed reading Enough but I did have some major issues with the book which come down to personal preference more than anything else.

That helped to cement their bond for me but as far as actual emotions go, not so much. I needed to remember. No, sweetie. Let Betty teach you the way of the badass chick! Lila was a serious doormat for the majority of the book. And when I say doormat, I mean laying down and taking whatever these men dished. What else does she expect, after all?

I completely get why she felt that way given her history, but I needed to see her finally realize she was worth Ladies want hot sex Jericho. Some interesting side characters are introduced and I have a feeling the series will only get stronger in the future. ARC provided by the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get into the book. I'm sure there is a plot to the book and some steamy scenes but the writing style wasn't for me. What I mean by that is that a lot of info was dumped on me but not in a very engaging way. I would have preferred to learn that information through character interaction would have loved some banter! I love when the two main characters get to know bits and pieces about each other before they jump into bed.

Ladies want hot sex Jericho

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