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Dear Margo: I am a single mother to a special needs. Not so unusual, right?

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However, I am also a soldier in the U. My ex-husband is also in the military, and we are both currently deployed overseas. He and I maintain an amicable relationship. It seems that when it comes to our daughter, we are on the same thankfully.

Emma does not deal well with transition and functions better with a strict routine. Now she is demanding an overnight every single weekend! Does this woman not realize how hard it is for Emma to go back and forth for even one night? Now I want to restrict all visitation with Grandma until her son comes home, and he has said he would even tell her as much.

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I would appreciate your opinion. Dear Fed: Great good luck that your ex agrees with you about Emma and his mother.

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I would, indeed, let him deliver the message that the main consideration must be what is best for the. A four-day readjustment is not Granny dating Denver one visit. He seems to be coasting along, while she is very marriage-oriented and has even planned her dream wedding. In addition to this, she is very controlling of him and has no interest in our family to the point of rudeness. A recent example was when I was visiting their house I live on another continent. I sat alone in the living room while she stayed in their bedroom. My brother is no saint, and he can be snappish with her.

He has also complained about her weight gain since they started dating. My family has always told my brother that if she makes him happy, then we are happy for him, no matter how she behaves toward us. We are close and confide in each other a lot, so I feel I am well positioned to do this.

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Would that be interfering? Dear Nav: My hunch is that your bro will tire of the controlling lady friend who is wedding-minded, rude … and gaining weight. Maybe they deserve each other. All letters must be sent via the online form at www.

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Due to a high volume of e-mail, not all letters will be answered. By Special to The Denver Post. More in Opinion.

Granny dating Denver

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