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While wine grapes may be grown throughout the world, it is France that many consider the most important country for wine. Ever since the Greeks cultivated grapes in Gaul France in the 6th century, for over 2, years, growing grapes and making wine has been Free adult chat Chateauneuf-du-Pape important aspect of life in France.

Wine grapes are grown throughout the country with million bottles produced every year making France the one producer of wine by volume in the world. Did you know that most of the well-known grapes grown globally are actually French in origin? In France however, certain grapes are associated with particular areas generally because of climactic conditions— so much so that you may find it hard to determine what the grape or grapes might be in the bottle!

While some say that France has 17 wine regions and others say 14 like the map below, some are more well known and ificant than others, for example Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Loire, Provence, and the Rhone. This French style of wine making can be off-putting for some Americans who may also distrust the French funk that is common in many French wines which also dissipates when paired with food. Cassoulet— a famous French peasant bean dish with duck, sausage, and sometimes rabbit, and is the ultimate comfort food.

As we sat around sampling the wine, we shared our cassoulet stories. I tell my cassoulet story here in this post from a few years ago about when Sue agreed to make cassoulet for me for my birthday and how I came to have cassoulet the first time.

It took her three days then and it took her three days this time too. Clearly, peasants had plenty of time to take foods that might not be so tender and tasty and make them so!

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Gretel has a story about comforting cassoulet too. She and Bruce were heading to Casoumere in the South of France where Bruce had made connections with the artists and wine makers. I go to the water and slip. Under the algae there are many razor sharp crustatians that have slit my foot. Bruce saw that I needed help so he finds the lifeguards who help me up and look at my foot.

There are pieces of the mussel in there and I cannot get them out. A crowd is gathering and a woman comes out to look and brings out cognac in her skirts to make me feel better; I drank it of course! We go to the emergency room in the next town and wait and we wait, and no one is moving anywhere. I told Bruce I wanted to go and he obliged me. I wanted to go to castle. Living on pate and baguettes, which was fine. We left Paris and went to the south of France. They have a beautiful castle which you could stay at as a youth hostel at the time.

They Free adult chat Chateauneuf-du-Pape cassoulet and that meal changed everything. People were kind and nice other than the experience in Paris. My friend Tony Fletcher brought this to me the first time he visited while he was on a book tour about six or so years ago when we also celebrated my birthday. It was a gift so I decided my birthday cassoulet dinner was the time to open and enjoy it. Nose — Definitely a bit of funk on the nose, roses, plums, cherries, baking spices, cloves, carnation, sandlewood, a bit of citrus as well, with food, the funk is a part of the richness of the food and wine together.

Really important that the wine opens up to make it shine. Palate — N ice acidity, balanced tannins, this is a contemplative wine, complex, balanced, plums and cherries up front, rhubarb, root beer, sassafras on the finish, for Bruce there was a bit of tankiness, he wanted to decant it or let it hang out for a bit. Nice slately minerals on the finish as well. Silty, Down in the depths of your belly.

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Drinking this wine mad eye really that I had a whole different life 20 years ago when these grapes were harvested. The herbs de provence of the goat cheese balls work perfectly also. Sue had a mini-orgasim when she tasted the pate and followed it up with a sip of wine. We agreed. Also perfect with the mushroom brie: put the two together and it is so wonderful by bringing out the bright tart cranberry characteristics in the wine. The wine and cassoulet are balanced together, and it all works but is not the best pairing. It does however love the boar Free adult chat Chateauneuf-du-Pape in the dish.

Does the wine hold up to dessert? We paired it with a chocolate croissant, and found it works okay with dark chocolate and nuts, but Sue thinks a bit of dried fruit in the mix would make it better. Dark chocolate on its own works fine with the wine, bringing out a very tart fruit on the palate.

Nose — Roses and carnation, pretty florals, I felt that it was very Grenache like. Pairing — Sue started off with the Provencal tepenade and was not disappointed. Herbs, garlic, salinity, bring out such nice fruit characteristics in the wine. So nice with the arugula wraps, the pepper characteristics of the arugula tame the pepper in the wine and highlight the fruit.

Langres is also great, the funk of the rind brings out the fruit in the wine and tames the pepper qualities. With the cassoulet it is all about sasparilla and cola with the wine. So complex and enjoyable.

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A taste of black pepper in the meal, sets off the beautiful black pepper notes in the wine and brings out great fruity characteristics in the both of them. For dessert does it work??? The chocolate crossant works well not too sweet, not to savory, not too rich. It works. With plain dark chocolate it is a bit too sweet for the wine. Dark chocolate with toasted nuts is a bit better, but the chocolate croissant with the wine is best of all. We obtained this wine when we were in France on our Wine tasting championship when we met some fabulous friends, the greatest people to hang out with and experience the city of Paris.

We wound up at a wine festival and met them there. When we came upon their tent, he handed us a bottle to enjoy, and here it is. Nose — Cranberry, pomegranate, bright fresh fruit, rhubarb the alcohol is present on the nose. Gretel felt that it was very much like a California wine. Palate — Very tart fruit on the palate as well, raspberry, cherry, pomegranate, plum, plum skin, salinity on the back of the palate, very acidic.

The salinity of the tapanade works well with the wine taming down the fruit forwardness of the wine. The cassoulet works perfectly with the meal, especially the boar sausage and its garlic richness. There are so many layers of flavor that pair so well with the wine.

What a terrific combination. When we were first tasting this wine, we did not know how well it would go with the meal. Bruce felt it should lay down a while, but with the rich meal it is perfect. Layers of flavor in both the wine and the food pair so nicely with the layers of flavor in the wine. This wine, the young fruity wine was really fantastic together. Not as great with dark chocolate and roasted nuts. Just stick with the dark chocolate. The chocolate croissant was perfect with the wine.

Brioche and dark chocolate are the thing. We arrived during the final hour or so — what a great festival! Not just the stunning location and fun friends, but the energy of the crowd was jovial, and it was FREE. If you wanted to taste, you bought a glass.

If you wanted a glass of something, you purchased it— and it was affordable. You could also buy bottles to take home— and we bought beer as well as wine and Michel gifted us with the bottle we tasted this evening. Next we jumped on the Metro and arrived someplace for dinner. We ran around the city more until exhausted, we headed to our respective abodes. At some point, Michel gave in and gave me his vest which I proudly wear back home in the US. the French Winophiles on Sat. You can check out our posts on the topic of introducing a friend to French wine anytime!

In the fall, we determine the following years monthly prompts. We sample, review, pair, and write about these prompts and publish our by 8am on the third Saturday of the month. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. You nailed it! Wow, I want to make a cassoulet now for my birthday. It is a lot of work but so tasty!

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google Free adult chat Chateauneuf-du-Pape. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. Search GO. Sinceeach bottle of French wine falls under one of these three classifications: Vin de France or basic table wine replaces the Vin de Table classification; grape variety allowed and vintage indicated on labels.

Like this: Like Loading Free adult chat Chateauneuf-du-Pape forward to part 2. Thank you! And cassoulet. Certainly memorable!

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How to learn about French wine? Cook cassoulet and make some memories! Very true! Please Comment! I'd love to hear from you! Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. required Address never made public. Name required.

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