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Welcome to your new school! W e are all very excited about your arrival at Stroud High School in September and hope that 'SHS Buddy Chat' - a forum created especially for you - will help you to make new friends before you start with us.

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We also hope that it will give you an opportunity to speak to the 'experts' - our present Year 7s who are completing their first year with us and who will be happy to answer any of your questions! Read on to discover how you can talk to other 'SHS Buddies'as well as existing Year 7 students via our forum, which is like a messageboard that you can post messages on for others to read and respond to:.

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Our lifestyles, families and attitudes will have many things in common, for example: Treating each other with respect and tolerance Love of our family and friends Pride in our own and each others' achievements Support for each other when things are not going so well Fun and learning Many aspects of our school lives may be very different from each others, for example: The size of the school you are coming from Your school uniform The size of classes in your present school Times of the school day and lessons Lunchtimes and the food available Activities you are involved in, such as dance, sport, music, drama etc We really hope you enjoy becoming part of our school!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Chat buddy this evening

email: [email protected] - phone:(379) 575-8074 x 4831

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