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The desert winds are blowing hard in early May at De Anza Springsin Jacumba, California, inland and just three miles shy of the Mexican border. The acre property borders a ,acre state park, and is surrounded by volcanic mountains and miles and miles of view.

I packed light since it is a clothing-optional resort.

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I needed to find out what nude living is like. Over the next five days, I met people who are devoted to nudist living from all over the west and who enjoy a day at nude beaches. I put what I brought with me in the hotel room bureau…it did not include more than some socks and toiletries.

And a fleece jacket. And shoes…three pairs. Plus three big bottles of sunscreen. Without anything but my coat and Tevas, I walked out. This was my first half-assed attempt at being a nudist. There was just a little sun, but it was tempered by the persistent chilly winds.

I walked the desolate compound, not really ready yet for the Memorial Day holiday, in the California day nude huge volcanic boulders piled on each other. The road circled up with many parked RVs. The parcels where each RVer had made the space their own were neatly decorated. At one a giant wheeler cab was parked. But no one, clothed or other, was around. I met the owner of the truck cab later that night at a poker game where the players wore bathrobes. He and his wife were going to be buying a trailer and living as nudist nom when they retire in a few months.

Saturday dawned clear and sunny, and the wind finally let up. It is incredibly liberating, and in a funny way, it is an experience like no other. Not having pockets, cell phone or my keys was a pleasant change, it made life seem simpler and less tied down to my material world.

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Dave Landman, who owns De Anza Springs with his wife, Helen, has the chiseled good looks and easy smile of somebody who used to be in the movies. It has a gap of about three feet high at the bottom. Sometimes they even try to blend in by taking off their clothes.

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The resort is set on acres, with indoor and outdoor pools and a hot tub where most people congregate. There are lots of activities, and just about everyone takes part. About of the people here live full time at the resort in their motorhomes and RVsand another come out most weekends.

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Thousands more enjoy nudity at home or skinnydipping at a local nude swimming hole. But the people who vacation every weekend at De Anza and at the more than other naturist clubs across the U. One woman at the resort said that the first thing she does when she gets home from work is to take off her bra. Nudists keep on going and prefer to get naked as soon as they shut the door to the outside world.

We drove to the nearby Golden Acorn casino for dinner, on a windy bluff right off the Interstate. A Mariachi band, eight strong, played trumpets and guitars noisily in the background. The staff was all dressed in Cinco de Mayo outfits, one manager wore a cartoonishly large sombrero. Everyone recognized Dave and Helen, local California day nude owners who employ almost as many people as the nearby casino.

Neighbors are friendly and after seven years, nobody here much cares about the naked people down in the hollow. I asked Dave about that highway up on the bluff, can those drivers look down and see the naked folks here? Dave has strong feelings in defense of nudity. They suffer a stereotype only because.

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Americans equate nudity with sex, and that simply is not the case. Like a bad Vaudeville performer, the gig is up, they are yanked out. And they never complain or make a fuss. We know what to do and we act.

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California day nude

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